live and learn.
live and learn.



Forreal 2001??

to be honest though, mainstream hip hop/r&b started going to shit in 2008 so that’s why it feels like it’s only been 7-8 years.


Better photos of Medicos Super Strap Collection, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.  Items are:

  • Stone Mask.
  • Dio’s head in a Jar.
  • Zeppeli-san’s hamon fist striking but not injuring the frog.
  • Stone Mask/Aja combo.
  • Red Stone of Aja.
  • Cars in Space.

Release date TBA.  Source.

i need battle tendency in my life, feb 2015 can’t get here fast enough


There’s something awesome about a thing that’s so cute, it transcends cuteness to become nightmarishly creepy. That’s precisely the case with these impressively freaky pears, photographed last year at a supermarket in Beijing, China.

The pears are shaped like this by placing them inside special molds when they’re still very small. As they grow they fill the mold and take on its shape. They were marketed at the grocery store as “happy/joyful doll pears,” but we think they look like they’re patiently waiting for you to try taking a bite out of them, at which point they’ll start screaming bloody murder, or worse, turn you into a creepy pear-doll-person too.

[via Neatorama and RocketNews24]





the internet must be stopped


That’s so rude

if i was a bird i’d do the same shit….


That’s so rude

if i was a bird i’d do the same shit….

#quarterlifecrisis swag

#quarterlifecrisis swag


bless the man that introduced me to this movie

i miss the fuck out of this movie


Jolyne you little angel ~

stone ocean in scott pilgrim style, no words needed

Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.

Yoko Ono (via purplebuddhaproject)

shit i try to remind myself when the quarterlife blues hit


1. Planets

2. Triplicity

3. Exaltation & Rulerships

4. Decans

5. Egyptian Terms

6. Scoring System for Dignities.